Storing & stock solutions

Smartbox Pro keeps you perfectly equipped at all times. 

Our product range boasts a number of the latest versatile solutions for your business, especially when it comes
to office equipment and complete facility management: it starts with transport and storage and further
encompasses a wide range of industrial plastic storage boxes for both large and small demands.
Smartbox Pro offers you intelligent solutions for demanding requirements. 

This includes products for the administration and management of buildings and facilities, inside and
out, as well as equipping rooms. Our focus throughout is on work safety and ergonomics for
employees, whether that means floor markings or escape route marking systems.

Storage and transport containers

Open-fronted storage bins are the ideal solution for storing and transporting small parts and bulk material. The opening in the front
ensures a good view of the goods inside. The open-fronted storage bins can also be stacked as they feature reinforced bottoms and sides.

Transport containers made of sturdy plastic are available in pallet optimised sizes. Thanks to the sturdy, durable
industrial quality, our transport containers are also perfect for conveyor systems and flow racks.

Transparent transport boxes with lids – here we offer a comprehensive, modular range. Large boxes are fitted with rollers for ease
of handling.

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Signage for work premises

Prohibition sign – Pictograms indicating something that is prohibited are internationally standardised. Prohibition signs clearly designate
a forbidden action or object.

Mandatory sign – Mandatory signs are also standardised. They refer, among other things, to the regulations laid out by
the employer’s liability insurance association.

Emergency exit signs – Emergency exit signs are signs with pictograms indicating, for example, the escape route or
emergency facilities in buildings and plants.

Sign – Signs should draw attention to specific rooms or actions.

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At Smartbox Pro, every product is a safe, intelligent and practical solution. Discover our extensive range of products. 

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    "A4" Inner Dimensions 300x220x-80 mm


  • Archive transfer file, broadside use
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