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Consumer packs for retail

We would be happy to handle your individual requests – even for small quantities.
To ensure that your special packaging solution is produced quickly and smoothly,
we work together with you according to your requirements and test the
project in question for feasibility. Regardless of whether it’s two units or five,
we remain flexible even for the smallest product run. These small packaging units
are perfectly tailored to the individual consumer. They are promotional units packed
with a colourful insert, making them easy to recognise. 

And what’s more: we offer even more options in the private labelling section – discover
the solution that works for you!  

Retail packaging example

When presenting a product for promotional purposes, the size of the insert is adapted to the product. 

Just like on a label, product-specific and technical information can also be printed on the insert. The whole thing is enhanced by product and application images. 

Because of the size, product descriptions can be more detailed and appear in several languages.

Great quality, small quantities

Discover packaging solutions created especially for the paper, office and stationery industry

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