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Strong brands are important to affirm the buyer’s ‘good feeling’ 
that comes with making the ‘right purchasing decision’.

You are in the business of marketing your brand - and we are the right partner for you.
You can use our products to advertise your brand! Whether it’s labelling, shrink wrapping with
inserts or customised printing – the options are limitless. That means we can adapt the products
to your customers’ requirements. We will be happy to assist you when it comes to designing
the print data as well as acquiring the print media.

As a full service partner, we are here for your every need – anytime.

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Examples of brand transfer

  • Product labelling

    We consider labels to be part of the product design: 

    labels can be used anywhere and have virtually already become the all-rounders when it comes to addressing, labelling and conveying product-specific information.  They tell us about the product, convey technical information or the EAN barcode for identification purposes in logistics and business.  All in all, a versatile item with huge benefits. 

  • Customised inserts for shrink wrapped packages

    When presenting a product for promotional purposes, the size of the insert is adapted to the product.

    Just like on a label, product-specific and technical information can also be printed on the insert - how it looks is entirely up to you. The whole thing is enhanced by product and application images. Because of the size, product descriptions can be more detailed and appear in several languages.

  • Customised printing for your special production

    Nowadays, sophisticated product design is also a requirement for packaging.

    In developing our packaging, we further develop your print specifications to produce the perfect printing plate.

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      • corrugated cardboard boxes, 2-ply
        Inner Dimensions 800x600x400mm


      • Packing list envelope "C6", print in 9 languages
        Inner Dimensions 162x120 mm


      • Envelope made from corrugated board, brown, peel & seal closure
        "A4" Inner Dimensions 210x292x-50 mm


      • Maxibrief carton white, reclosable
        Inner Dimensions 225x155x45 mm, Outside Dimensions 240x160x50 mm


      • Bubble Bag, self adhesive, white, DIN 3
        Inner Dimensions 145x215mm, Outside Dimensions 170x225+50mm


      • Bubble wrap with dispenser, , sheets of 40cm on roll
        33 m x 0,3 m


      • Hand dispenser for stretch film, plastic
        for Stretch film 400-500 mm width


      • Extra strong mailer for calender, self-locking box, DIN A2
        Inner Dimensions 620x420x10mm, Outside Dimensions 625x425x17mm


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